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REOTEMP Welded Mini Seals are ideal for applications where a gauge or general purpose transmitter cannot be installed directly into the process media. REOTEMP mini seals are a one-piece, all-welded construction that offer a durable, economical choice for protecting a pressure instrument from corrosion, clogging, or high process temperatures.

  • Economical Choice for Protecting a Pressure Instrument from Severe Process Media
  • All-welded Design Reduces Fugitive Emission Leaks
  • Available with PulsePlus™ Pulsation Dampening
  • Tamper Resistant

Construction Materials

Upper Housing: 316SS
Diaphragm: 316SS Hast C-276, Monel
Lower Housing: 316SS, Hast C-276, Monel

Process Temperature Limits

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

Minimum Recommended Pressure Ranges

Weight (lbs.)

Maximum Working Pressure at 100ºF

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