Type R Thermocouple

The Type R Thermocouple (Platinum Rhodium 13%/Platinum) is used in very high temperature applications. It has a higher percentage of Rhodium than the Type S, which makes it more expensive. The Type R is very similar to the Type S in terms of performance. It is sometimes used in lower temperature applications because of its high accuracy and stability. Type R has a slightly higher output and improved stability over the type S.

Type R Temperature Range
Thermocouple Grade Wire –58°F to 2,700°F (–50°C to 1480°C)
Extension Wire 32°F to 392°F (0 to 200°C)


Type R Accuracy
Standard +/- 1.5°C or +/- 0.25%
Special Limits of Error +/- 0.6°C or 0.1%

pdf-download-35x35Download the ITS-90 Reference Table for Type R Thermocouples Here (PDF)

Type R Thermocouple Reference Table