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REOTEMP’s Digital Sanitary Brewing Thermometer is a high accuracy thermometer with digital display. It features an IP67/NEMA 4X enclosure  and a 5 year battery life. The Digital Thermometer is perfect for brewing, food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where a high accuracy digital readout is required.

  • 3-A Conformance Certificate Included
  • High Accuracy 1,000Ω RTD (Class A)
  • Water Resistant IP67/NEMA 4X
  • 5 Year Battery Life
  • Back or Bottom Connect
  • -58°F to 392°F (-50°C to 200°C) or -328°F to 1112°F (-200°C to 600°C)
Sensing Element RTD, Type Pt1000Ω, Class A
Temperature Ranges -58°F to 392°F (-50°C to 200°C) or -328°F to 1112°F (-200°C to 600°C)
Accuracy ± ( 0.72 + 0.002 x |t-32|) °F, ± ( 0.42 + 0.002 x |t|) °C, where t = temperature. Example: At 32°F accuracy is ± 0.72 °F.
Refresh Rate 3 Seconds
Display 4-digit LCD, 1/2” Height
RFI Effect 1% or Less Typical
Temperature Effect <0.01% FS/°C
Ambient Temperature Range 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Storage Temperature Range -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Housing Material Stainless Steel 316
Lens Plastic Polycarbonate (Standard) or Glass
Probe Material Stainless Steel 316
Wetted Finish Ra 32
Weight 12 oz., Varies by Configuration
Environmental Protection NEMA 4X/IP67
Power 1 x 3.6V AA Batteries
Battery Life 5 Years Minimum in Continuous Mode
Installation Considerations If the temperature of the electronics in the display housing exceeds 122°F (50°C), permanent damage to the display will occur. A remote mount is recommended for high temperature applications.