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The Most Durable & Reliable Wireless System

REOTEMP’s EcoProbe™ System wirelessly monitors the internal temperature of compost piles at large-scale industrial compost sites. REOTEMP has used its experience to design and build the most durable and reliable system on the market for industrial and municipal compost sites. The EcoProbe System reduces labor costs while increasing efficiency, product quality, and operational control. When you invest in an EcoProbe System, you ensure years of hassle-free monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Features Benefits EcoProbe Super Duty EcoProbe Medium Duty
Limited Warranty Longest lasting, most durable wireless compost probe on the market 3 Year 1 Year
Long Battery Life Based on a 15min sampling interval 2 year 1 year
Enclosure Helps keep the harshest elements out of the head, for a long lasting probe at outdoor, indoor and tunnel facilities REOTEMP Proprietary Triple Sealed Enclosure (NEMA 4X) Single Seal Enclosure (NEMA 4X)
Stem Withstands even the most corrosive
Manufacturing Made in the USA
REOTEMP Wireless Technology 1,000ft range standard, upgrades available for longer range
Roll Cage Prevents damage to the head
Dual Temperature Sensors Provides a temperature profile inside the pile, with a sensor at the tip and a second sensor halfway up the stem
PLC System Integration Easily integrates with Modbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP
60” Orange Locator Flag Prevents mishaps from losing sight of the probe