Direct Drive Gas Actuated Thermometer
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REOTEMP’s Rugged Direct Drive System makes our series 45G the right choice for temperature indication in heavy-duty or high vibration applications. The all-stainless steel case and internals, along with the direct drive system, result in superior instrument life in severe environments.

  • Accuracy ± 1% of Range Span
  • Can handle a wide temperature range up to 1200°F
  • Heavy-Duty Vibration and Shock Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Sealed Construction
  • Various mounting options available
CASE: Stainless Steel
ACCURACY: ± 1% of Range Span
DIAL FACE: 4 1/2” Satin finish aluminum with black lines and
LENS: Gasket Sealed Glass (standard); Plexi Glass
POINTER: Micrometer Adjustment Type
CAPILLARY: Stainless steel protected by 1/4” diameter, Flexible Stainless Steel Armor or 3/16” diameter Plain Armor
BULB: Stainless Steel Welded Construction
ACTUATION: Nitrogen through Stainless Steel Direct Drive Bourdon Coil
NOTE: Thermowells should be used whenever the stem or bulb would be exposed to pressure, corrosion, velocity, abrasion or shear forces. Thermowells also make it possible to remove the thermometer without losing pressure or the contents of the process.
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