Gas Actuated Filled System Thermometer
Gas Actuated Filled System Thermometer
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REOTEMP’s Gas Actuated Thermometers combine advanced gas coil technology with a state-of-the-art adsorbent-(Class IV) thermal system, producing a superior temperature measurement instrument that can be fitted to a wide variety of applications. Features include high accuracy, low ambient error, no head error, and a high degree of over-range protection. The compact (3/8” diameter x 3” active length) bulb, and a wide range of case styles and thermal systems, allow great flexibility in installation. The linear dial on all REOTEMP gas thermometers provides a consistent 1% accuracy across the full span of each range. This, combined with over twenty Fahrenheit and dual ranges, from -320°F to +1200°F, provides complete coverage of all normal temperature requirements.

  • Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale
  • Can Handle a Wide Temperature Range Up to 1200°F
  • Wide Variety of Wall, Panel and Direct Mounting Options
  • Capillary Lengths Up to 99 Feet
  • OEM Logo Dials/Custom Dials
  • One Year Warranty
ACCURACY: ± 1% Full Scale. Calibration to NIST traceable standards.
RANGES: Twenty °F and °F & °C ranges available from -320°F to 1200°F.
OVERRANGE: Minimum 10% of span above top of range, or 1300°F, whichever is less.
AMBIENT ERROR: 1/4% of span per 25°F change in ambient temperature at midscale.
DIAL SIZES: 4 1/2” & 6”. Dials are white with black markings.
CASE MATERIALS: Stainless steel, Polypropylene, or Aluminum
CASE STYLES: Panel Mount, Surface Mount, or Direct (stem) Mount
WINDOWS: Glass (standard) . Shatterproof glass and acrylic (optional). Gas with aluminum ring (4 1/2” and 6”) are glass only.
POINTERS: Aluminum, slotted adjustable type to permit zero-set adjustments.
BULBS: 316SS, 3/8” diameter x 3” active length. Other diameters and lengths are available.
PROCESS CONNECTIONS: Plain bulb; 1/2” NPT sliding union; 1/2” NPT fixed (on All-Angle); or thermowell. Note: Thermowells should be used whenever the bulb would be exposed to pressure, fluid velocity, or corrosive or abrasive media.
THERMAL SYSTEMS: Stainless steel capillary with stainless steel spring armor (up to 40ft). Over 40 feet, stainless steel interlock armor is standard. Direct mount stems, 316 SS, 4” to 48”.
NOTE: Thermowells should be used whenever the stem or bulb would be exposed to pressure, corrosion, velocity, abrasion or shear forces. Thermowells also make it possible to remove the thermometer without losing pressure or the contents of the process.