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REOTEMP manufactures high quality stem assemblies in a wide variety of styles. Use REOTEMP’s online product configurator to select the style and options for your application. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, contact customer service and we’ll figure out a solution.

plain-stem-lead A Plain Stem
B Welded SS Bushing
C Male Mini Plug
D Female Mini Jack
F Male Standard Plug
G Female Standard Jack
H Spring Loaded Bushing
P 1/2″ NPT Nipple with Bayonet
R Bayonet Cap with Spring
S Load Spring Only
4T 5″ Nominal Spring Load Nipple Union Nipple 316SS
T 1/4″ NPT Compression Fitting, Loose on Stem 316SS
U 1/2″ NPT Compression Fitting, Loose on Stem 316SS
V 1/8″ Compression Fitting
weld-pad-s W Weld Pad
MC Mating Connection for Plug or Jack
BR Compression Bracket for Plug

Download Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions: