City of Edmonton


The Edmonton Composting Facility is one of the largest co-composter in North America. Co-composting is a combination of residential waste and biosolids. Reotemp currently has 8 wireless temperature probes (EcoProbes) in use at the facilities outdoor research and development site.


The facility covers a large area which presented unique challenges. The operator’s computer was located at the Research & Development building (shown on map) roughly 4,000ft (1.2km) from the curing piles where the 8 EcoProbes are located. Since the range of the EcoProbes is 1,000ft line of sight, Reotemp mounted an antenna on top of a nearby maintenance shed (see photo) to act as a repeater. A second antenna was mounted on the roof of the R&D building. The R&D antenna was hard-wired to the operator’s computer by running wires through an access point on the roof. The operator is now able to receive real-time temperature data from the curing piles (shown) 4,000ft away!

Distance to Control Room
Site Temperature
Antenna with Repeater

Annual Capacity: 200,000 tons residential waste, 100,000 tons biosolids.
Compost Produced: Approximately 80,000 tons/yr.

CompostWatch Software

Compost Watch is a windows-based software designed for use with Reotemp’s EcoProbes. The software was installed on the operator’s computer & connected via the radio link. The operator is now able to see real-time temperatures from the curing piles, historical data, temperature graphs, temperature charts, battery status, high/low temperature alarms and warnings, and avoid the harsh winter weather!