Compost Facility in the Pacific Northwest


By switching to a CompostWatch wireless PLC sytem, labor costs could be reduced, efficiency could be maximized and throughput could be dramatically increased.


The CompostWatch system was selected because of its high durability and reliability when compared to competitive probes. In partnership with an engineering firm, Reotemp produced and tailored the wireless EcoProbes to integrate into the customer’s re-designed facility. The system was customized to meet PFRP & VAR requirements. A third party integrator was responsible for designing the software and programming a custom HMI. The HMI touchscreen allows the facility operators to control the automation of their equipment, including blowers and valves.

EcoProbe System Benefits

  • Longer Probe Life
  • Ability to Process More Material in Less Time
  • Improved Process Management & Control
  • 24/7 Remote Access with Continuous Monitoring
  • Automated Storage of Pile Data
  • Reduction in Labor Costs
Aerated Static Piles
Independent Blower Skids