Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority


The Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority is the largest indoor composting facility in the United States. Reotemp currently has 85 wireless temperature probes (EcoProbes) in use. The picture above gives you an idea of the size of the static piles being composted. The pile shown is roughly 15ft high. The 70″ marking flags improve visibility in low light, high moisture, environments. The facility features a large (3 acre) outdoor biofilter. EcoProbes are used to monitor the biofilter and relay temperature information to a receiver mounted on the outside of the building


The facility features piles with active biosolids. Reotemp’s EcoProbes are specifically designed to withstand this particularly harsh compost environment. The photos below illustrate the high level of moisture and gas in the atmosphere. Probe stems were fitted with a protective sheath designed to guard them against the corrosive effects of the biosolids. Wireless temperature data was fed into the existing IERCA PLC system to provide real-time monitoring of pile temperatures. Temperature data was also used to control IERCA blowers for pile aeration.

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