Hard Wired Compost Probe (CPVC Stem)
Hard Wired Compost Probe (Stainless Stem)
4-20mA Head Assembly
4-20mA DIN Rail Clip
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REOTEMP’s Hardwired compost RTD probes use heavy duty wire to physically connect the temperature probe to your PLC or controller. These wires are often over 100 ft long. They are a good option in facilities that desire continuous monitoring at a lower cost than wireless monitoring. Our CPVC sheath protects the stem from corrosion, making it a very rugged and reliable design. A thermocouple version is also available, contact factory.

Accuracy ± 2°F at 131°F (± 1°C at 55°C)
Sensor 100Ω RTD Sensor
Material Corrosion Resistant CPVC Sheath or Stainless Steel
Probe Length 24-72”
Compatibility Hard Wire into your PLC or Controller