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Reotemp Cooling Towers protect pressure instruments from extremely hot process media without the pain and hassle of remote mounting the instrument. It is specifically designed to mount above a diaphragm seal or thread directly into the process. Reotemp’s unique design can reduce the process temperature by up to 700°F!

  • Cooling towers may be threaded directly into process media in applications where the fluid is viscous enough to flow through a 3mm ID tube without clogging. For ultimate performance, mount cooling tower above a diaphragm seal.
  • If mounting between pressure instrument and diaphragm seal, use 3-digit mounting code in diaphragm seal part number
  • Pigtail siphons or diaphragm seals should be used for steam service.
Temperature °F RTR psi STW psi
Maximum Working Pressure 200 5000 5000
500 3500 3500
800 1000 1500

Maximum working temperature is 800°F.