MS8 Seal Gauge with PulsePlus Case Study


Client: PEMEX, Mexico’s State-Owned Petroleum Company.

Location: Offshore oil rig in the Abkatun-Pol-Chuc oil field near Villahermosa, Mexico.

Issue: Competitor’s pulse-resistant pressure gauges were failing within 2 to 8 months post-installation. Installed on pumps and compressors, these gauges faced a challenging offshore environment characterized by high vibration, intense pulsation, and corrosive sour gas. The need for continuous replacements escalated maintenance costs, increased downtime, and caused frustration among PEMEX operators and instrument technicians. Moreover, the replacement gauge lead time was a lengthy 6 weeks.


Approach: Following consultations with PEMEX engineers, Reotemp undertook the challenge of developing a product capable of withstanding the rig’s intense pulsation for a minimum of 12 months.

Implementation: Reotemp introduced the MS8 Seal Gauge with PulsePlus, specifically engineered to endure the harsh offshore conditions. After 18 months of continuous service, the MS8 demonstrated reliable performance. In areas exposed to corrosive sour gas, hastelloy C-276 wetted parts (NACE MR0175) were recommended to enhance durability.

Results: The MS8 not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a robust solution to the gauge failures experienced previously. The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and its remarkable 1-week lead time addresses the critical issue of downtime. The successful implementation of the MS8 Seal Gauge with PulsePlus has significantly improved operational efficiency and reduced frustration for PEMEX operators and instrument technicians.

Reotemp vs. Competition: Performance Evaluation for Abkatun-Pol-Chuc Rig

Product Lifetime Lead Time
Reotemp’s MS8 18+ months 1 week
Seal Gauge Competitor’s pulsation resistant gauge 2-8 months 6 weeks