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ReoCube with Digital Display Option
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REOTEMP’s ReoCube™ Isolation Bottles are used to monitor the temperature of ultralow freezers or refrigerators. The isolation bottles are filled with fluid (typically ethylene glycol, alcohol, or a cryopreservative). Then, up to three temperature sensors are inserted into the bottles and liquid. By submerging the temperature sensor(s), the ReoCube™ ensures the temperature readings will not be thrown off when the freezer door is opened and ambient air rushes in. The result is a highly stable and reliable temperature reading. Common applications include: ultralow freezers, refrigerators, temperature controlled environments, and incubators.

  • NIST Certificate Included
  • Sensor & Transmitter are Match Calibrated (0.75% Combined Accuracy)
  • Sealed 250ml Polyethylene Bottle with Cap
  • 4-20mA 2-wire Transmitter w/NEMA 4 Polycarbonate Connection Box
Probe: 316 S.S. spring-loaded probe with integral thread on cap for tight fit into well and positive contact at tip
RTD sensing element: Platinum 100 ohm +/- .06% at 0 C (32 F) (Class A), .00385 alpha
Operating temperature range: Probe and vial, -200 to 120 C (-328 to 248 F)
Insulation resistance: 1,000 megohms minimum at 500 VDC, leads to probe case
Leads: AWG #22, stranded, TFE insulated, with TFE jacket overall
Thermal vial: Polyethylene bottle with cap
Thermowell: Stainless steel
Transmitter: 4-20 mA output; 8.5 to 35 VDC loop powered
Connection box: Polycarbonate enclosure, NEMA 4X

Download Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions: