Thermocouple FAQ 2

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Back to Products Categories General Thermocouples Explained  Thermocouples vs. RTDs Hazardous Locations or Applications Thermocouple Types Thermocouple Types Thermocouple Wire Types Thermocouple Wire Colors  US ANSI Thermocouple Color Codes for Each Type of Thermocouple Type K Thermocouple (Nickel Chromium/ Nickel-Alumel) Type J Thermocouple (Iron/Constantan) Type T Thermocouple (Copper Constantan) Type E [...]

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HART 5 4-20mA In-head Transmitter

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Request a Quote HART 5 4-20mA IN-HEAD TRANSMITTER RTD, TC, Ohm, or mV input Extremely high measurement accuracy HART 5 protocol Galvanic isolation For DIN form B sensor head mounting Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Calibration Temperature 20°C to 28°C Relative humidity < 98% RH (non-condensing) Protection [...]

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