CompostWatch™ Cloud Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

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IoT Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The CompostWatch Cloud system is Reotemp’s newest wireless compost temperature monitoring system. With the cloud system you can monitor your compost piles from your cell phone, home computer, or internet connected tablet! With a significantly lower cost, our system makes going wireless more affordable and convenient than ever before. The cloud system features our industry trusted wireless EcoProbes for reliable long-term temperature monitoring.

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The CompostWatch Cloud System Features Easy Setup

1. Insert Wireless Probes into compost piles.
2. Link Gateway to your Wi-Fi.
3. Login on your computer, phone, or tablet.

CompostWatch Cloud System Overview

CompostWatch Cloud Software

Whether you’re an operator walking the windrows or a site manager in the office, you’ll love our user-friendly software accessible from either a desktop browser or your smartphone.

  • Overview of all Compost Piles
  • Live Temperature Graph
  • PRFP and VAR tracker
  • Automatically Generated Regulatory Reports
  • Text or Email Notifications
  • Add Watering or Turning Events
  • Record Feedstocks and Comments
  • Low Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fees

Site Overview Screen

Bay Detail Screen

EcoProbe Detail Screen

Regulatory Report

The CompostWatch Cloud System software automatically generates regulatory reports.

EcoProbe Cloud Wireless Temperature Probes

Reotemp EcoProbes are the trusted probe for long-term and reliable wireless temperature monitoring. The EcoProbe Cloud probe has an extended range and the following features:

  • 1.5 Mile Line of Sight (LoS) Range
  • Competitive Price Point
  • Built to Withstand the Harsh Compost Environment
  • New Modular Design Makes Replacing Stems, Radio, or Batteries Quick and Easy
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Up to 4 Temperature Sensors at Custom Depths

Corrosion Proof Stem

Our design prevents corrosion, while maintaining proper heat transfer. Our stem is made to withstand even the most corrosive biosolids.

Reotemp Wireless Technology

Standard range of 1.5 Mile (LoS) from antenna to EcoProbes. Extended range available for remote sites.

1 Year Battery Life

Our long battery life results in a probe that is reliable and low maintenance.

Multiple Temperature Sensors

Multiple sensors provide a temperature profile inside the pile, with a sensor at the tip and up to 3 additional points along the stem.

48” Orange Locator Flag

Our locator flags prevent mishaps from losing sight of the probes in the compost pile.


Made in the USA. Reotemp EcoProbes are manufactured in the USA under strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

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