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  • 0.25% Accuracy
  • Display and Electrical Connection are Independently Rotatable 335°/343°
  • Analogue Output Switchable 4-20mA or Voltage
  • Rugged, with Protection from Shock, Over-range, and Over-voltage
  • Calibration Range is Adjustable
  • Excellent Long-term Stability

Output Signal: 4-20mA, 3-wire (standard), 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-6V (3-wire), Switchable from 4-20mA to 0-10 VDC
Measuring Principle: Thin-film-on-steel
Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, Compound, Pressure to 7,500psi

  Proof Pressure Burst Pressure
0/30 – 0/300 psi 3 x range 10 x range
0/500 – 0/7,500 psi 2.5 x range 4 x range

Accuracy NLH at 77°F (BSL): ±0.25% of span
Input: 15-30 Vdc (4-20mA), 15-30 Vdc (0-5V, 1-6V), 15-30 Vdc (0-10V)
Temperature: Effect: ±0.01% FS/°F (-13/185°F), Media: -13 to 185°F, Ambient: -13 to 185°F
Weight: Approximately 6.7 oz
Environmental Rating: IP67
Switching Output: 2 Transistors PNP
Pressure Unit for Display: PSI, Bar, MPa, kPa, mWC, mmWC, %, User Scale