DSTC Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Diaphragm Seal
DSTC30SS4-DTD-AG on SOR Mechanical Pressure Switch
DSTC30SS4-DTD-AG on SOR Mechanical Pressure Switch
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REOTEMP’s Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Diaphragm Seals are ideal for applications in the food and beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries or wherever Tri-Clamp® connections are used. Reotemp will mount and fill a variety of instruments to Tri-Clamp® seals including Digital Pressure Gauges, Transmitters, and Switches. All Sanitary Diaphragm Seal Assemblies manufactured by Reotemp are 3-A Certified.

Process Temperature Limits:

Process Connection 3/4″ 1.5″ 2″ 2.5″ & 3″
Temperature Limit 0/150°F -40/220°F -40/400°F -40/750°F


Ambient Temperature Limits:
Determined by the Pressure instrument

Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Alpha Laval Inc.