TL Submersible Level Transmitter
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  • Accurate Level Measurements from 5” WC to 300 psi
  • 316SS and Polyurethane Wetted Parts
  • ±0.25% or ±0.125% Accuracy
  • Vented, Strong Submersible Cable
  • Lightning, Short Circuit, and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • NEMA 6/IP68 Protection, Sumbersible to 1,000 ft.
Output Signal: 4-20mA, 2-wire 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, or 0.5-2.5Vdc (3-wire)
Pressure Ranges: 0-2 psi through 0-500 psi
Proof Pressure: 2 x range
Burst Pressure: 4 x range
Accuracy (BFSL): ±0.25% of span (standard) or ±0.125% of span (standard)
Input: 12-30Vdc (for current output), 14-30Vdc (for Vdc output) or 6Vdc (for 0.05-2.5Vdc output)
Compensated: +32 to 122°F
Effect: ±0.01% of span/°F (on zero and span)
Media: -14 to 175°F (-10/80°C)
Environmental Rating: NEMA 6, IP68 (submersible to 1,000 ft.)
Electrical Protection: Reverse polarity, short circuit, and lightning protection
Submersible Cable: Vented, watertight, polyurethane jacketed, tensile strength: maximum 220 lbs.
Wetted Parts: Body: 316 SS
Cable: Polyurethane (teflon available)
Nose Cone: Polyamide