Weld Pad Thermocouple
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Reotemp manufactures a full line of standard and custom Weld Pad Thermocouples. The weld pad (tube skin) termination allows a temperature sensor to be welded directly on to piping or other metal surfaces to measure the surface temperature, and indirectly the process temperature inside the pipe. Reotemp weld pad sensors are designed to handle extreme temperatures and the long-term continuous service requirements in refineries, chemical processors, and power plants.

  • Sheaths are formable to enable easy installation and are self-supporting within the application
  • Made to your size requirements including:
    • Long lengths
    • Large diameter sheaths
    • Heavy walled sheaths
    • Long lead extensions
  • Available in many high temperature alloys including Inconel 600 and 310 stainless steel
  • Made to your orientation requirements including:
    • Expansion Loops
    • Bends and Radii
    • Variety of Weld Pad Styles
  • Made to your configuration requirements
    • Connection head Assemblies
    • Gas seals
    • Connector Combinations
    • Lead Wire Protection
    • Heat Shields
    • Weld Clips

Made in the USA

  • Fired Heater Tubes
  • Steam Super Heaters, Cokers,
  • Re-Heaters & Drums
  • Boilers & Furnaces in Refineries,
  • Power Plants & Processors
  • Industrial Boilers & Heat
  • Exchangers
  • Vessel Surfaces

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