Industrial Glass Thermometer
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Reotemp’s Industrial Glass Thermometers are used in various settings such as pipelines, commercial building application (heating and cooling), HVAC systems, process piping, tanks, boilers, and more. They feature a bright blue fluid for easy identification, a V-shaped display that ensures readability from the side, an adjustable angle stem, and a 360-degree swivel for convenient mounting and display.

  • Made to ASME B40.200 Specifications
  • Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale. (ASME B40.200)
  • Five Year Warranty

Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale. (ASME B40.200)
Case Black Painted Heavy Duty Aluminum, Valox Black Case (Optional)
Stem Aluminum with Heat Conducting Graphite
Scale 9” Scale with White Aluminum and Black Letters
Tube & Capillary Blue Spirit Filled Magnifying Tube (Organic)
Window Standard Instrument Glass, Polycarbonate Lens (Optional)