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Reotemp’s ReoCube™ Isolation Bottles are used to monitor the temperature of ultra low freezers or refrigerators. The isolation bottles are filled with fluid (typically ethylene glycol, alcohol, or a cryopreservative). Then, up to three temperature sensors are inserted into the bottles and liquid. By submerging the temperature sensor(s), the ReoCube ensures the temperature readings will not be thrown off when the freezer door is opened and ambient air rushes in. The result is a highly stable and reliable temperature reading that mimics the temperature of the critical medium being cooled.

  • Sealed 250mL Polyethylene Bottle with Cap
  • 4-20mA 2-Wire Transmitter with NEMA-4X Polycarbonate Connection Box, Display Optional

Accuracy 0.05% of Span (±1 Digit), Plus Sensor Accuracy
RTD Type 100Ω Pt., 0.00385 Ω/Ω°C, 3-wire, Class A
RTD Accuracy Class A = ± (0.15 + 0.002|t|)°C [-30/200°C]
Stem Material 316 Stainless Steel
Stem Diameter 3/16″
Wire AWG #22, Stranded, TFE Insulated, with TFE Jacket Overall
Thermowell Stainless Steel
Transmitter 4-20mA Output, 8 to 35 VDC Loop Powered
Connection Box Polycarbonate Enclosure, NEMA-4X
Bottle Fill Customer Fillable
Operating Temperature Stem and Vial -328°F to 248°F

Download Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions: