Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube
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Reotemp Ceramic Protection Tube Thermocouples are specifically designed for high temperature applications, and are offered with both noble and base metal thermocouples. Noble metal thermocouples are widely relied upon for their accuracy, durability and reliability in very high temperature (up to 3100°F) applications. Ceramic tube thermocouples are frequently used in devices such as kilns, furnaces, gas heaters and incinerators. Used for processes including heat treating, smelting and foundry.

  • For High Temperature Process Heating Applications
  • Mullite, Hexoloy or Alumina
  • Base Metal or Noble Metal Thermocouples

Made in the USA

Material Max. Temp.
Mullite 2,700°F
Hexoloy 3,000°F (in Air)
Alumina 3,400°F

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