Isolation Ring Seals

Isolation Ring Seals, also known as Annular Ring Seals, are designed to isolate pressure instrumentation from process media with solid content like that in wastewater or slurries. The 360° flexible sleeve design allows for continuous, uninterrupted flow through the pipe, eliminating any dead leg that could clog, plug, or be susceptible to abrasion. The REOTEMP Series ORR and ORB are available in nearly any pipe size and can have up to three instruments mounted onto one ring seal. The REOTEMP IQD – Instrument Quick Disconnect – allows for easy removal of the instruments for calibration or repair, while the ring seal is still installed. Other options such as isolating valves, pulsation dampening devices, AIS compliant material, and thousands of possible mounting configurations are all available to select on the most advanced, easy-to-use product configurator available in the market.

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