ORRSS3040-DTD-BP-R1 on Yokogawa EJA530
ORTSS1015-DTD-AS on PR40S1A4P18-D-T-HV
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The Reotemp ORR Isolation Flow Thru Ring Seal boasts an In-Line Flow-Thru design ideal for waste water, slurries, or abrasives. Mounted between pipe flanges or threaded in-line, it has a tough but sensitive elastomer lining. One unique feature of this seal is the ability to mount multiple instruments on one seal.

Construction Materials

Body: Carbon Steel, 316SS
End Flange: Carbon Steel, 316SS
Diaphragm/Sleeve: Buna-N, Viton, PTFE, EPDM, Natural Rubber and more

Liner/Sleeve Selection

Sleeve Material Chemical Resistance and Durability Limit (°F)
Buna-N Most common in Wastewater market. Limited chemical compatibility. Is an industry standard material that carries a medium/low abrasion resistance. 225
Viton Good chemical resistance that can be utilized in many applications. Limited chemical compatibility. Offers the best combination of temperature and high abrasion resistance. 400
EPDM Medium level of chemical resistance. Specialized material that performs very well in specific process medias. Offers medium abrasion resistance. 300
Natural Rubber Often used in mining applications due to excellent wear properties, however, contains poor resistance to a variety of chemicals. Specialized material that performs very well in specific process medias. Offers the highest resistance to abrasion out of the materials listed. NR is a tough material with a high durometer and stiffness. 212
PTFE Offers the best chemical resistance of all listed liners. Soft material subject to plastic deformation and cold flow. Very low resistance to abrasion. 350

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

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