REOTEMP Common Diaphragm Seal Configurations

The pressure instrument and diaphragm seal assemblies shown below are examples of completely filled and tested assemblies and their corresponding part numbers.


Instrument PT45P1A2P20-G-T-HV
Application The most common gauge seal assembly for threaded connections. For use with corrosive, clogging or moderately hot process media.

Instruments PR35S1A4D25-D-T
Application For use in a sanitary or clean-in-place application where the user would like both a mechanical dial pressure gauge and electronic output on the same connection port.

Instruments PC40S1A4M250-D-T
Seal W7254R21SSS-TDTD-AS
Application Low pressure gauge with a high accuracy diaphragm seal. For use with corrosive gas or liquid on a flanged connection.

Instruments Customer Supplied In-Line Smart Pressure Transmitter
Application For use in high temperature service where a diaphragm seal is required to protect the pressure transmitter from process temperature as high as 750°F.

Instrument PT45P1A2P17-D-T-TS
Seal W51523SSC-TKA25-AS
Application For use where the pressure measurement point is a long distance from where the operator can conveniently and safely read the gauge.

Instruments Customer Supplied dP Transmitter
Seal W9FFWR31S-W20-AS-RR
Application For use monitoring tank level, measuring flow across an orifice plate, measuring pressure drop across a valve or filter, and other dP application. Flush diaphragm seals are most commonly used with process media that clogs or coagulates in limited flow areas and dead legs.