Reotemp offers quality thermocouples for use in all industrial markets: Power Generation, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical, BioTech, Cement, Paper & Pulp, etc.  Thermocouples are typically selected because of their low cost, high temperature limits, wide temperature ranges, and durable nature. For more detailed technical information, see the Reotemp thermocouple FAQ. Reotemp offers many types of thermocouples, each with its own unique characteristics in terms of temperature range, durability, vibration resistance, chemical resistance, and application compatibility.

RTD vs. Thermocouple – Range, Accuracy, Durability, Response Time

Two of the most common methods of electrical temperature measurement are Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) and Thermocouples. This video summarizes some of the differences in temperature range, accuracy, durability, and response time between RTD’s and Thermocouples.