ORR Wafer Style ISO-Ring Flow Thru Seal
ORRSS3040-DTD-BP-R1 on Yokogawa EJA530
ORTSS1015-DTD-AS on PR40S1A4P18-D-T-HV
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The REOTEMP ISO-Ring Flow Thru Seal boasts an In-Line Flow-Thru design ideal for waste water, slurries, or abrasives. Mounted between pipe flanges or threaded in-line, it has a tough but sensitve elastomer lining. One unique feature of this seal is the ability to mount multiple instruments on one seal. Seals are available in Iso-Ring(Wafer) and Iso-Spool (Threaded) designs. Red Valve brand is available if the application requires.

Construction Materials

Body: Carbon Steel, 316SS
End Flange: Carbon Steel, 316SS
Diaphragm/Sleeve: Buna-N, PTFE EPDM, Natural Rubber and more

Process Temperature Limits

Sleeve Material Limit (°F)
Buna-N 225°
Fluorocarbon 400°
PTFE 350°
Silicone 450°
EPDM 300°
Natural Rubber 212°

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument