Stud Mount Style
Lower Ring Style
W5352RH1UHS-KDWD-C2 on PT45P1A2P19-D-T
W726WR11HSS-GB10-BH-RR on Azbil GTX
W736WR23MMS-TB25-C1-RR on Yokogawa EJX110 for HF Service
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REOTEMP’s Flanged Offline Welded Diaphragm Seals are designed with an upper and lower housing, bolted together with a diaphragm welded to the upper housing. This removable design allows for easy cleanout of the seal chamber, while maintaining the system fill. The flanged offline diaphragm seal can be adapted to fit almost any pressure instrument and process application.

  • Welded Diaphragm for Maximum Durability
  • Wide Variety of Diaphragm and Material Options
  • Continuous-duty Disc Protects from Process Fluid Leaking in the Event of a System Breach
  • Easy Cleanout of Diaphragm Cavity without Compromising Filled System

Construction Materials

Diaphragm (Wetted): 316/316L SS, Hast C-276, Tantalum, Monel A400, Nickel 201, or Others
Lower Housing (Wetted): 316/316L SS, Hast C-276, Monel A400, Alloy 20, Hast B, or Others
Gasket (Wetted): Klinger C-4401, PTFE Durlon 9600, Grafoil, Kalrez, or Virgin PTFE
Upper Housing (Non-wetted): 316/316L SS, 304/304L SS, Monel A400, or Titanium

Process Temperature Limits

2 3
Metallic Lower PTFE Gasket -110/400ºF
Klinger Gasket -110/500ºF
Grafoil Gasket -40/750ºF
Non-Metallic Lower N/A 140ºF

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

Minimum Recommended Pressure Ranges

W5 W6
2.5” & 3.5” Gauges 15 psi 200” H2O
4”, 4.5”, & 6” Gauges 30 psi 200” H2O
Transmitter (Gauge Pressure) 150” H2O 60” H2O
Transmitter (Differential Pressure) 300” H2Od 60” H2Od
Differential Pressure Gauge(D40/42 Only) N/A N/A

Maximum Working Pressure

Determined by flange.