Flush Pancake (Wafer) Diaphragm Seal (W9FP)

///Flush Pancake (Wafer) Diaphragm Seal (W9FP)
Flush Pancake (Wafer) Diaphragm Seal (W9FP) 2017-09-30T08:27:20+00:00
W9FP with Backing Flange
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The REOTEMP Flush Pancake (Wafer) Diaphragm Seal is a flange type diaphragm seal with no bolt holes. It mounts between an open process flange and cover flange. Instruments are connected via side capillary connection and it is an ideal seal for transmitters or dP transmitters.

Construction Materials

316L or Hast C-276

Process Temperature Limits

-110°F to 750°F

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

Minimum Recommended Pressure Ranges

2″ 3″ & 4″
Transmitter (Gauge Pressure) 100 “H20 30 “H20
Transmitter (Differential Pressure) 150 “H20 30 “H20