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Reotemp’s Flanged Flow Thru Diaphragm Seals are ideal for installation in applications requiring little interruption to process flow. This style flow thru diaphragm seal can be made to specific face-to-face dimensions in order to fit existing piping structures.

Construction Materials

Diaphragm: 316SS, Hast C-276, Tantalum, Monel, or others
Lower Housing: 316SS, Hast C-276, Monel, or others
Gasket: PTFE, Grafoil, or Klinger
Upper Housing: 316SS Standard

Process Temperature Limits

PTFE Gasket -110/350F
Klinger Gasket -110/450F
Grafoil Gasket -40/750F

Ambient Temperature Limits

Determined by the Pressure Instrument

Max Working Pressure

The Maximum Working Pressure of the Diaphragm Seal is Based on the Flange Rating, Pipe Schedule and Material. Contact Reotemp for Details.

Minimum Recommended Span

2.5” & 3.5” Gauges 15 psi
4”, 4.5”, & 6” Gauges 30 psi
Transmitter (Gauge Pressure) 150” H2O
Transmitter (Differential Pressure) 300” H2O
Differential Pressure Gauge (D40/42 Only) N/A